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Sunday, 2 June 2013

India is involved in mass murders of Muslims in Myanmar. 1 lac people killed, 300 mosques destroyed

Evidence have been found regarding India's involvement in mass murders of Muslims in Myanmar. 300 Mosques, and a hundred thousand Muslims have already been killed and blue-prints found have suggested strong Indian involvement in these proceedings.
Further evidence suggest that planning has been done to kill another 40 lac Muslims. We condemn this act and demand social justice for those who are suffering.
We call upon all the NGO's, civil institutions, international organizations, and Muslim countries to investigate into the issue and take sufficient actions for the people of Myanmar
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Saba Akram commits suicide after being harassed by Police

Girl Commits suicide due to Police harassment

Saba Akram, an 18 year old girl which was arrested for kidnapping charges of a friend committed suicide after police harassed her. She could not bear the extremist treatment from the police and committed suicide.

It is an extremely disturbing event and we are surprised to see that the civil society and the government officials have kept quite over the issue. We request you to spread this news so Saba Akram is served justice and the policemen involved in this heinous crime get severe punishment.
saba akram commits suicide after police harassement

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Youth in Pakistan

Youth in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country and youth in Pakistan makes up about 35% of it's total population. In the midst of crunching times, when Pakistan is facing severe issues such as terrorism, economic crisis, target killings, disunity and disunity, the burden to take the country out of the whirlpool is upon it's young people.

pakistani youth

Pakistani Youth’s Role in Development

The Pakistani Youth has stepped on a train named as destiny that takes its passengers on the path towards development. Since the establishment of Pakistan, youth had always been crushed and oppressed by teachers, leaders and parents. Moreover the role of youth in politics has always been limited due to corrupt and inept political system. They failed to get exposed to the world that could lead to a new era of modernization. As the clock ticked and time flew, things started to change their discourse. The new century brought about much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth.

Problems of Youth in Pakistan:

Alongside the changing trends in 21st century, problems of Pakistani youth have started to dwindle.The world is a continuous process of change and so it brings with it distinctive features in which modernization in youth plays huge importance. As globalization took place, it became harder for teachers, leaders and parents to further hold back youth in homes. These students found their way to their demands. The supply had always been short but this time these young Pakistanis created their own demand and became their own suppliers. They have started to negate the old irrational conventions that have been down streaming their lives. Through the use of media, internet and self right realization; these rising humans instilled with great zeal and zest have found a common point where they could lead their lives with cultural and contemporary trends.

Youth protest by Kashmiri youth against India. Problems of Pakistani Youth

Talented Pakistani Youth

Talented Pakistani youth has started to bring in more innovation and novel ideas than a matured one. The science has lead older people to understand that after living a life of forty years and above, the brain is less able to produce something new and revolutionary. Now we see the youth working in across Pakistan in almost all the fields currently working. From education to films to arts to medicine to engineering to politics; you would not find a place where these young talented people are not functioning. Every day they bring in new ideas such as Street Art Competitions, Sports events, Debates, magazines, public relations and the list goes on.
talented youth of Pakistan - Arfa Karim young

Power to Speak

A new trend has started to emerge in Pakistani youth i.e. the power to speak. About a decade ago, young people were not allowed to raise their voices against elders. Even if the elders were completely irrational about a certain situation or subject, youth was not allowed to interfere in it. An orthodox behavior was being followed by the elders that was “Old people have a lot of experience and so they speak keeping in mind everything they have learnt from it but young people are careless and innocent. They do not understand the realities of life”. But now these people have started to realize that not all their experiences are applicable in the contemporary world of fast choices. These people realize that they are not the one’s getting exposed to new knowledge everyday; it is the youth who is thirsty for knowledge and who can actually understand the world with a different dimension.

Optimism of Youth in Pakistan:

Optimism is an intriguing step that the youth in Pakistan has recently adopted. They have seen their families and relatives living lives in depression and so dying a painful death. They have seen people regretting what they did and sticking to the negative side of the situation and eventually falling into a dig of wasted wishes. Pakistani youth has now chosen a path of positivism. This way they can mould, innovate and produce whatever they think is best. They are currently striving for the betterment and progress of country. They are not self centered rather they have adapted ways which would make the people of Pakistan unite and bring about change as a whole.

Voice of Youth

voices of youth

I have been sitting here for a while listening to all those voices of youth. To feel what you have, you need to forget what you had. Concepts are intellectual. No one is born to be so. People sit on a porch to learn and throw. Nothing is confusing, you are. Life compels you to form images. What you speak is not your tongue but your society. You creep, you crawl, and you walk and run. Is there anything else to do in this family of indifferent relations? If not, then there is yet to begin another stance of local characters (Pakistani Youth) to trigger the features bound to relish the last sip of tea.

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gang Rape in India: 23 year old woman dies

Gang Rape in India

A 23 year old woman was gang rapped in India. She was being treated in Singapore hospital but lost her last breath when the agony stretched beyond the edge. The doctor said that she tried very hard to fight against the pain she was suffering but the trauma exceeded the limit. At the time of her death, her whole family was there. Authorities have not released the information regarding the victim but it has been told that the woman’s family is Hindu and they belong to New Delhi.
Women and her companion were abused and robbed on bus December 16. Robbers stole all their belongings and dumped them at a road side. Police has arrested six suspects including the bus driver and a minor. The male companion was quickly discharged from the hospital as he did not face any severe injuries.
According to the Police, she had recovered from injuries to the level at which she could give a statement to magistrate. But on the next day, doctors did another surgery to remove all the infections on her abdomen.

Youth Movements against Gang Rape in India

Youth of India has started protests all over the country. They are raging in number and call for mandatory actions to ensure that people involved in this incident must be punished. They also stand for a reason that Indian society must provide women with privilege of freedom and equality so that no more women are abused, assaulted, harassed, rapped or wrongly treated on the basis of gender
The death of this young women laments out the helpless situation of the people. This incident greatly affected the image of India throughout the globe. Regardless of the inflating economy, India still pursues the back stabbing, history prevalent, narrow minded dominance over the so called contemporary people of big cities.
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Friday, 16 November 2012

Vani: Child Marriages in Pakistan

What is Vani?

Vani is a form of Child marriage that is practiced in rural areas of Pakistan. It is one of the ancient customs of Pakistan that involves the marriage of one family's daughter to another family's son. If the other family does not have any son, then the daughter is married with an elder usually the head of the family. It is considered to be the peaceful agreement among two parties.  The custom takes place when a male or female member of the family commits a crime or deviates from tribe’s norms. The final decision is taken by the leader of tribe (Chaudary).

child marriage in pakistan

Custom of Vani in Pakistan

In the world today, as the earth begins to tremble into the light of development, some of the areas still persist to hour of ignorance. Pakistan faces huge financial losses but at the same time a lot of development in the form of infrastructure contradicts the results. Since Pakistan’s existence, no noticeable positive changes have taken place in Pakistani culture. People live and die listening to epic stories. Their first breadth starts with an irrational action followed by the back stabbing traditions of their forefathers. The count of these irrational ancient customs such as Vani is endless. These individuals do not even recognize their own identity before they choose to sacrifice their soul for the very people who claimed to have been the heroes of their society.  

Although, the custom is illegal in Pakistan, it is still practiced in tribal areas of Punjab and Sindh among other ethnic groups of Pakistan. It is deemed as a form of conflict resolution amongst families, yet no one pays any attention to the lives of young innocent girls who had not yet fully grown up to understand the realities of life. A young girl is traded for the mistakes, crimes and sins of their other family members. Whole her lives, she would have to live with a groom and his family, who would never love or respect her. These oppressions create depressions leading to colossal psychological damages and traumas. I think, it is due to the flaws of education system in Pakistan that Vani is still carried out in this contemporary world. By the end of the day, education is a decisive factor for society’s social and psychological development.

Moral Obligation

As these things continue to run the final round, the illiterate people do not even know about the modern themes and civilizations. The old customs and traditions coming down from ancestors are being followed without thinking about their consequences. The dominance of masculine over feminine has always been a global issue but in Pakistan it has proliferated not obliterated. The brutality of men on their women and the manipulation in the lives of girls create a sense of restlessness in the nation.

There are diverse customs and norms which deviate from the set path of ethical and moral society. The nation is yet to know about the reality of these backward areas as no nation could prosper and progress when its people are tied up in these small yet life changing decisions. As the time goes by, the ray of hope starts to fade away. It’s time to root out the cruelty of men over their women from our society. The time has come when we should stand against barren, sterile and evil customs of Pakistan like Vani / child marriage for the sake of privileging our women with freedom of choice, thought and opinion.
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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ethnicity in Pakistan

The battle for equality and recognition by an ethnic group is an old and recurring phenomenon. If this struggle gathers momentum, it develops into an ethnic conflict. BaluchisPunjabisPashtunsSindhisSeraikisMuhajirs and Chitralis are the main ethnic groups of Pakistan. Since the emergence of Pakistan on world’s map, the country has had ethnic and linguistic differences among its people, and Ethnicity in Pakistan has existed since it's very inception.

There are many variables that contribute to Ethnicity Language, religion, geographical association are regarded as the key factors. An ethnic conflict may arise due to regional disparities or lack of education

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pet Abuse

Pet Abuse and Animal Cruelty

Belonging to a household, in which pets have always considered to be a part of the family, I, myself have been fond of most animals since a very young age. While other kids my age would refrain from going near a dog, I would never hesitate to play with any pet dog I came across. In my eyes any form of animal cruelty is a crime which includes pet abuse. As humans, prevention of animal cruelty should be an inborn instinct and that's why I've decided to raise this important issue.

However, it greatly disappoints me to see and know that most people do not share such feelings of  sympathy, care, warmth or concern towards animals. These 'animals' may include cats, dogs, horses, donkeys or any animal in the zoo for that matter. There have been innumerable cases of dog cruelty in Western countries and many of Muslim countries. People beat up the poor innocent animals. This fact truly perplexes me and i fail to understand why we have to be so hostile towards these creatures. It disappoints me to see that apart from some of the citizens of my country, most people view these animals only as a means of entertainment. Some even go to the extent of demonstrating their hatred towards these poor animals.

Stop Animal Cruelty

I, as an individual would go to any extent to put a stop to animal cruelty. Even though it may seem to be a trivial matter to most people, it carries great weight in my perspective. I believe that we, being somewhat educated, must put a stop to this or at least try to do what we can, to stop those who indulge in something so heinous. 
I do not expect people to open animal shelters or do anything extravagant of the sort....but PLEASE : the least we can do is stop others around us who harm these harmless beings. It is only fair. Even though one can not be sued for mistreating an animal, one must at least be humane enough to consider the fact that these poor animals can't speak, they do not have minds as gifted as humans and one can only expect them to behave in a certain way. It is not right to take out our frustrations on them.
It is government's responsibility to introduce strict laws that prohibit any kind of animal abuse. It is also our responsibility to root out the shameful act of pet cruelty out of our society. So please, I request you all, the next time you see a person throw stones at a dog, scare a cat, donkeys or horses being whipped mercilessly: Get out of you car and tell them to STOP! The least we can do is educate these people and make them understand that animal cruelty is a crime and even though there might be no written law against animal cruelty, our religion itself condemns the mistreatment of animals. The least they can do is abide by what our religion teaches us and the law of the country, if nothing else!

Pet Abuse is a Sin

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: 'It is a great sin for man to imprison those animals which are in his power'(Muslim)All creatures on earth are sentient beings. "There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings - but they are communities like you.The Quran, 6:38The Holy Prophet (S) forbade the setting up of animals to fight against each other.Abu Dawud and Tirmidh
Take an initiative, let join hands and work towards prevention of animal cruelty. Say NO to Pet Abuse!

Faryal Z. Mehdi - Youth Experia (Voice of Pakistani Youth)
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Ecstasies of Modernization.

The fascination which the current day human strives for are somewhat the consequences of modern day buck for being up to date. History has always been so kind to teach of disparity which follows after undeniable action to suit and nourish deceptive ideas.
Here we are to emphasis on describing how the youth is getting away from doing study based work themselves and being more reliable on modern gadgets and services, tricking the education system and deceiving themselves. Though with the advancement in technology, world is being a more better place to live but the negative impact of these strategies on youth cannot be denied as far as the mind exploring strategic study curriculum nowadays is concerned. Today youth has gotten so much in the tangles of modern gadgets that logging into a circle of mind and physical skills is left somewhere far behind. These modern gadgets, though the usefulness of them cannot be challenged, has made the existence of self made ideas and innovative models impossible.
One would rather rely on using a time spacing techniques for some work than being on self doing test in the present day. Not only this is cracking the mind but also diverting the necessary use of mind to unnecessary use of hands. There is a huge lot of youth today which uses their skills on internet for coping up with a work than to use their skills on some innovation – one such example of aforesaid practice. Using modern gadgets like iphones, androids, windows phones and services as black berry services which allows the users to use secure links on internet all the day anywhere are making this generation more depended on pre laid material than to compose something new which would open their minds to the world more widely. Having said that it becomes customary to mention that this whole scenario is bounding us to one source that is internet, its making us to get rid of engaging our mind into something creative and useful. Ancient people use to say that things long been not in use vanishes like air someday, this is what seem to happen with the mind one day if the modern era still continues not to focus on the problem.
Technology such as laptops, tablet PCs, micro-computers have made life more easy on one theme line but restriction of youth to widen their minds to world as in to use the minds is making whole abusive use out of it. The thing being sticking to one particular use of a source such as internet would not let youth make use of their skills. The present education system demands mind to mingle up with struggle to strike a target, not the hands to jot down from internet.
The solution to come up with is to make self make strategy possible either by prompting change to education sub system or by banning the retrospective revival of downloads in study based projects.

Abdul Raheem
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Hassan Nadeem Istudio


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Sunday, 1 April 2012



Youth is supposed to be the most carefree and fun loving age in a person’s life. But the fact is, during this span, a person goes through several phases, one of which is hypersensitivity and pressure handling. For last many years of this modern age, youth is going excessive academic pressure and de-motivation.
We have mostly seen, especially in under-developed countries, kids and youngsters don’t get enough space to decide their own choice of career. We commonly have a trend of imposing parents will on their kids, in terms of dressing, career and even marriages regardless of what individuals have in their mind, what their aptitude is?
Youth is getting stacked more and more with every new day by our family pressures. We have been imposed with undesirable responsibilities of proving our best for the pride of our parents in front of society. In this race, we are over burdened with our academic pressure.  We don’t even get enough time for ourselves as undesired career building never let us get out of the marked lines.
Parents somehow unknowingly suffocate their children with emotional blackmailing, reminding them time and again about their exams, best grades, top line professionals expectations etc. these types of emotional pressures basically poison their children with hypertension , nervous system issue etc. not only this, today’s tragedy is that youth generation is going towards suicide quite fast. According to annual studies, suicide rate is rapidly increasing in youth. Coordinator of Los Angeles Public Schools, Mr.Richard Liebermen also quoted, “there’s a lot of pressure in and around middle school kids.” According to him, it may be the biggest cause in the increase of suicide rate every year.
In the end of this discussion I just want to add that having expectations with the kids and dreaming for their success , prosperity and fame is the right of parents but the way of imposing their wishes on their kids is required to be amended.
Firstly, parents should understand that today’s youth believes in thinking and planning out of the box. They believe in their abilities and so is their unsaid demand from  their parents. DR. Keil Lubell of Atlanta led a study and said, “ Parents and other caring adults should look after the changes in youth such as talking about taking one’s life, feeling sad or hopeless about the future. ‘’ this will help in their personality building and career development in a positive manner.
Today’s youth develops future nation and thus resulting into successful country.

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