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Flaws of Education System in Pakistan

pakistani education system problems

Education System in Pakistan

In Human development Report Pakistan is placed at 136th position for having just 49.9% educated population. In addition to that, Pakistan is ranked at 113th out of 120 registered UN members according to the research conducted by UNESCO et. all. Some of the very basic flaws of the education system in Pakistan contribute to the economic, ethnic and sociopolitical crisis within the country.

Flaws of Education System in Pakistan

Firstly, the education system of Pakistan is based on unequal lines. Medium of education is different in both, public and private sector. This create a sort of disparity among people, dividing them into two segments. Such a distraught infrastructure is a basic cause of high illiteracy rate in Pakistan and high drop out rates in rural areas and public school.

pakistan education system problems
Secondly, regional disparity is also a major cause. The schools in Balochistan (the largest province of Pakistan by Area) are not that much groomed as that of Punjab (the largest province Of Pakistan by Population). In FATA, the literacy rate is deplorable constituting 29.5% in males and 3% in females.

The third major cause of flawed education system in Pakistan is gender discrimination. The current primary school ratio of boys and girls is 10:4, which is a cause of huge concern. For the last few years there has been an increase in the growth of private schools. It is believed that Pakistan is among the most prominent states affected by gender discrimination. That not only harms the quality of education in Pakistan but create a gap among haves and have nots. 

Fourthly, the lack of technical education is a biggest flaw in the education policy that has never been focused before. Therefore, less technical people means low standard of education. 

Fifthly, the allocation of funds for education are very low. It is only 1.5 to 2.0 percent of the total GDP. It should be around 7% of the total GDP. At that budget allocation, the illiteracy rate in Pakistan would not decrease but rather increase. The federal and provincial governments need to cut down their expenditures in other areas and spend a bigger proportion of income on education.

pakistani education budget cuts

Moreover, the quality of education in most of the public schools and colleges is well below par; the teachers in government schools are not well trained. People who do not get job in any other sector, they try their luck in educational system. They are not professionally trained teachers so they are unable to train a nation.Quality of teaching needs special attention in rural areas where the teachers lack in all departments. 

In America, Europe and most of the developed countries, the emphasis of the states is on developing virtual education systems i.e. provision of education through online networks. The idea of online education is gathering momentum and many online institutions have been set up which offer online courses and online degrees. The Higher Education Commission and Education ministry need to focus on developing a strong online education network so that students through out the country can benefit. Universities such as Harvard, Berkley and MIT are offering online courses and degrees. It reflects the importance of online education in today's modern high tech world.

Finally, Poverty is also another factor that restrict the parents to send their children to public or private schools. So, they prefer to send their children to Madrassas where education is totally free. The government has to make changes to financial infrastructure to improve the situation. Bank loans for education purposes should not be interest based as it discourages the people of Pakistan to acquire loans. Education loans are offered at low rates through out the world and it enable people to acquire quality education.

Social awareness regarding all these issues need to be spread and we, the people of Pakistan have to work hand in hand with the government authorities to improve the current system. Our children should not be deprived of their basic right to acquire knowledge.

All these issues contribute to high illiteracy rate, which in turn result in economic crisis in shape of high unemployment rate and below-par quality of labor. Moreover, the country suffers on social, political and technological front! There are hundred other problems which need attention but the core-issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. You can read my article Pakistan's Educational System which is an overview of the education infra-structure within the country.

In today's world, the benchmark for excellence is education. Moreover, if a country has a distraught academic infrastructure, the chances to survive in current competitive world are petite. The illiteracy rate in Pakistan is alarmingly high which calls for critical attention. The federal and provincial governments need to work  together towards elimination of flaws of education system in Pakistan.


  1. I am going to apply online for an MBA degree abroad. I am really disappointed by Pakistan's education system. There is no merit

  2. Rightly points out the major loopholes in the education system of Pakistan.

  3. We need Imran Khan to make Pakistan a great country

    1. We want a good leader for Pakistan not Imran nazaz or zardari etc and this is our duty to make Pakistan great nd rightfully country

  4. The basic question I ask is what alternatives do we have other than improving our education system. A poor country living on scarce resources with a heap load of problems and issues to sort out. Expenditure on education infrastructure is the only way the country can get back to glory days

  5. second your thoughts usman

  6. Good research, great write-up. Agree with most of your points, but am only a little more positive than you about the future of Pakistan and its youth!

  7. may i please have the links to the sources that you have used?
    mu e-mail address is :
    I shall be waiting
    Thank you

  8. Education plays vital role in every person's life. Thanks foe allotting this such informative post about education ratio in women. You have done nice work.

  9. No doubt what u said is cent percent true. It is our responsibility to stand and fight out this deplorable situation and frustration.

  10. "what good fortune for those in power that the people do not think." - Adolf Hitler
    it is a vicious cycle. empowering the nation means paving the way for revolt. our leaders exercise a simple tactic: keep the nation engaged in worrying bout mediocre matters such as electricity, water, gas, prices of tomatoes or onions so they dont have the time nor energy to think of pressing matters. Today the ordinary man in Pakistan is more worried about filling their water tanks, lest they be stuck with a 'water less' toilet bowl for the day, or ironing clothes during that 1 hour there is power at home or scrambling to make a cup of tea before the gas runs out again; than he is about the quality of education his child receives at school.
    Again, its a vicious cycle and thinking of a way out , although heroic; is SADLY a dream wasted ....

  11. we always said that education system is to good but we can never do some thing to betterment of this system

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  14. Education is the backbone in the development of any nation. It is a fact that countries that have an effective system of education also happen to be the leaders of the world, both socially and economically.

  15. All these issues contribute to high illiteracy rate. I hope there will be good future of Pakistan. Love my country

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  22. what is the girls education in Pakistan ?
    how many hostels are here in Pakistan for girls ?

    Girls Hostel in Johar Town

  23. The lack of technical tutoring is a main blemish in the educational procedure that has never been focused before. So, less technical people mean less.Another thing is, the allocation of funds for education is very low. It is only 1.5 to 2.0 percent of the total GDP. It should be around 7% of the total GDP.

  24. There needs to be one education system across the country. It should follow the pattern of the British education system. 3 languages English, Urdu and Arabic must be made mandatory till grade 12.

  25. Education is basic right of every human being. Government of Pakistan should allocate more budget to promote education in Pakistan.

  26. Education system of Pakistan needs basic reforms its a long process not solved by speeches by sitting in fully air conditioned rooms you have to come out . For more information you can visit................ ...... social media marketing plan

  27. I want to point out to an issue regarding education in Pakistan which hasn’t been highlighted much as far as my knowledge is concerned. It is about the private schools and chains operating in the country.
    The schools sell their name to private business owners who run it under their administration solely for gaining profit. They take education as business.
    The teachers are not well paid, the work load is enormous, no laws regarding holidays, medical, etc.
    The children are over burdened with fees, uniform charges, books from school owned shops. The schools are built in housing areas without any playgrounds, assembly area and in rental buildings. The students use attached wash rooms in their class.
    The parents due to lack of knowledge are attracted by the English speaking principal and have no where other to go. I know this business industry aka (as known as) private schools cannot be demolished at once. But there needs to check and balance on them including the curriculum, operations, fee structure, etc. I even know schools where dumb students who don’t know a single word are passed on the basis that their parents pay heavy fee for their kids to just keep on passing. Even the exams are rigged, where teachers help the kids to pass.
    Kindly do consider it as a serious issue and make efforts or at least promote awareness regarding this problem.

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  31. Very bad situation, May Allah bless and help Pakistan to overcome this.

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