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Sunday, 1 April 2012


Before I begin to discuss the topic, let me ask: what is the basic purpose of an educational institute? Most would simply reply “Umm…to educate?” 
Although there is no disputing this answer, there is a great deal of ambiguity. The sole aim of a school is to guide its students regarding when, where and how they should focus their energies in order to aid them to prepare to face the world that lies ahead. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we have been made to interpret that education and guidance should only be confined to academics-this is the backbone of school failure. 
Coming back to what I said earlier, when you hear the word ‘energy’, something such as an energy drink or anything related to power will come to your mind. Now what will happen if, for instance, a gas was to be trapped into a cylindrical shaped container? It would simply accommodate itself according to the shape of the object. But, if the container is open, the gas would immediately escape. Moreover, if we cool the gas while it is in the container it will change into liquid and if we reduce the temperature further it will transform into a solid. 
Similar to the molecules of a gas, children between the ages of 13 to 19 are full of energy: distracted easily, starved for motivation and entertainment, short of guidance and ready to be shaped. 
Passively, schools have begun to emphasise on ‘As and A*s’ to the extent where it has not only reduced time for co-curricular activities, but has also given rise to two fatal consequences: demotivation and tution centres. Frankly speaking, these have further resulted in the decline of our educational standards. Yet, what is most astonishing is how we have permitted these flaws to become a prominent part of our educational system. 
Now make no mistake here, I have no issues with expensive academics but I am highly against the quality provided in turn for the hefty sums paid. The question is how one can judge the quality of education when it cannot be smelled, tasted or even touched? Ask yourself two things: are you able to understand most of the material taught to you at your institute or do you feel the need to take tuitions after school hours despite the hard earned money your parents are spending on you. 
Conclusively, the first failure of our schools is based on the following reasons regarding students: they are overly pressurized and not given time to do anything but rote-learning everything at school; they are unable to understand what they are taught at school; they have not been motivated enough to study at home or at school. In short, they have not been guided when, where and how they should focus their energies on. 
In any case, all the reasons lead to one aftermath: inadequate interest in education and loss of focus. Academies and centers which are actually meant to help exploit the students: they take advantage of students by acting as a medium for socialization. A rare sight at the academies is that you will see some distracted students smoking just outside the building and no one will be willing to report to their parents. The academy owners know the right environment to attract the students to their academies.  
I certainly hope that all the text above has some impact on you and has enabled you to acknowledge an almost invisible virus aimed at destroying our future. Just a request; open up your minds and eyes-at least to the obvious problems of our society. 


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