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Education Websites in Pakistan offering Online degree programs

Pakistan's Educational Websites

Internet technology has become a major part of education infrastructure in today’s world offering online degree programs, education courses, accredited online degrees and knowledge data base. The education websites in Pakistan also act as metamediaries have emerged during the past half a decade and help to lessen the academic problems of Pakistan.

The education in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is under the governance of the Ministry of Education and under the provincial governments. The educational infrastructure currently in practice in Pakistan can be divided into 5 tiers, namely primary school, middle school, high school or O’ Levels, Intermediate level or A’ Levels and then university level which includes both undergraduate and post graduate programs.

If we refer to the global rankings of universities on the internet, we get to know that 8 universities of Pakistan fall under the top 100 Technology universities of the world giving online degree programs and accredited online degrees. Moreover, 1 Pakistani universities fall under the 200` top universities around the globe.

List of Education Websites in Pakistan

Ministry of Education (Med)

Med is one of the best education websites in Pakistan. The Ministry of Education, also known as Med, is the cabinet-level ministry which is the organization which is responsible for the advent of education and the abolishment of illiteracy in Pakistan. This information is available on the official website of the Med, http://www.moe.gov.pk/. The objectives of the Ministry are clearly defined under the section “Functions”. Some of these functions include the process and the protection of copyrights in Pakistan, to conduct external examinations in Pakistan and provide equivalent degrees and diplomas to seize job opportunities and to continue further studies inside and outside of the country, to provide the medium of instructions in the National and Official language, providing military training to students, providing aid and grants and monitoring state educational institutes and libraries to the areas of Pakistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir and to process and approve plans proposed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The site also includes the addresses of the different offices and departments of the Ministries and their contact details. Moreover, the site also has forms available for download for various purposes, some of which include the form to change one’s subjects or subject group, the form to change personal details in the state’s educational institute’s registry, etc.

Higher Education Commission (HEC)

The University Grant Commission or the now referred to as the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is the head regulatory authority if education in Pakistan. Its main objective is to provide necessary facilities to higher education institutes in Pakistan so that they can provide quality and international standards level of education. The economy that has been built in Pakistan due to the advent of knowledge can all be credited to the role that the HEC has been playing since the past couple of years. It has been providing the bridge between the universities in Pakistan and those abroad and the students of Pakistan.

The HEC website http://www.hec.gov.pk is updated regularly and the latest news regarding the new researches and new education opportunities and scholarships worldwide is available on the website. The site provides the latest state and private university rankings of Pakistan and the trained, approved and registered doctorate faculty present in the country. The site also shows the opportunities available for students in extracurricular programs. These include scholarships in sports various other co-curricular activities. The website also has links and information about other universities currently providing high quality education in Pakistan.


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