Monday, 5 May 2014

How to get rid of bacteria in Water

The foremost challenge faced by people these days for keeping water purified is how to control the risks of bacteria and pathogens from infecting water. It is immensely critical to protect water from growing bacteria while concurrently reducing health risks to the population drinking water. The industrialization in the West has left a lot of water sources polluted and it has raised a lot of eye-brows for the Health-care community. Moreover, in less developed and disaster ridden areas,getting rid of bacteria in water, so that people do not contract water borne diseases is an important element in ensuring life safety.

Using Life Straw to get rid of Bacteria in Water

Life Straw gets rid of Bacteria in water
Life Straw gets rid of Bacteria
One way to make sure the water is pure enough is to use a Life Straw. It is a filter used by people to drink water as it ensures that the water is purified and safe to drink. Life Straw is though a small tube with specific filters within a life straw. The person puts one end of the life straw in unfiltered water, and it sucks the resultant clean water up all the way through to the top. It filters at maximum 1000 liter water, which is the quantity enough for a person to drink for a whole year. However, for the use of family all together, life straw family units are also available. Life straw family filters at maximum 18,000 liters water, providing purified and safe water to drink for the whole family for maximum of up to three years. One essential and critical feature that it offers is that it removes all the bacteria and pathogens present within the water. Crisis Prevention and Restoration for Business mention that Life Straw is one of the essential elements that a business should keep as a part of business emergency preparedness.
Keeping in mind the recent natural disasters, it has been noticed that amid emergencies, city water is not always reliable and often the supply is cut down. In such situation having a portable and easily usable life straw provides access to purified water as no matter where one drink from life straw makes it purified. Life straw has been in the main praised for its instant and effective mode of protozoa and bacteria removal. It has also been seen that after the course of many natural disasters, it has gained a lot of consumer acceptability as it also reduces the turbidity in water and offers a high rate of water flow.

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