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Commitment in a Relationship


Definition of Commitment

There is not definite definition quoted in any book that describes what a commitment in a relationship is. This is a subjective matter and is to be defined by the people involved in this process. It appears to a perplexed topic of pragmatic approach, yet explaining it from top to bottom would eventually endure the bond for a long time. What both persons in a couple can do is, enlighten each other by showing how much they mean to each other. Communication helps to reduce misunderstandings. For this purpose, expressing your desires, attitudes, wants, needs and goals is greatly preferred. There are no regular procedures in this discourse. Avoiding repeated mistakes, evading awkward and uncomfortable roles, creating flexibility to dodge fight and performing selfless actions are areas to be highly focused. 
Commitment in a Relationship
Real commitment in a relationship

Discussing finances

No matter how madly two people are in love or committed to each other, there is a factor called money that powerful enough to cause problems in the smoothest of situations. It is a colossal originator of conflicts and resentments in long term. Assuming that money is to be pooled is the first mistake. Do not always depend on your partner financially because when life strikes hard, even the closest ones leave. It may sound selfish but that is how life goes. For majority couples isolated their own money makes life much smoother. In this way, you don’t whine about the control of person who holds the finances. Financial habits vary from person to person. One person may like to save while the other is extravagant, when utilizing the money. One cannot keep track of how much one has spent and the other has saved. As a consequence issues emerge. Whether you divide the expenses equally or even on some mutually agreed way, learn to discuss money in a professional manner such as in the perspective of business.

Household Responsibilities

Cleanliness, perfection, organizing techniques, perceptive thinking of internal households’ organs tends to drastically differ across persons. They might look small but are usually the cause of a quarrel between couple. Who is going to wash the dishes? Who is going to look after the clothes? What thing is to be put and where? And the list goes on. Variety of tastes may require innovation and novelty and negotiating on the ways to decorate home. This way, both people involved in a relationship, get at ease. Giving a notion to your partner to discuss things before moving in together is a very good step to create strong commitment in a relationship. We agree that you might get hesitated initially in the process, but if you think it through, you would know that this is the optimum way.

Family and Friends

It sometimes happens that amongst the two people in a relationship, one is an extrovert and the other introvert. One can be very close to the family and may have a lot of friends, while the others needs a lot of space and is not close to much people. Prioritize all the relationships on the basis of needs, system and long-term perspective. Come to a mutual consensus and then list down people you want in your life, because there is always a sacrifice in a relationship and it is not to be taken as a compromise but a leverage that develops a strong link.

Emotional Handling

Anger, frustration, sadness and all other emotions outburst differently across people. As every individual incorporates these emotions, they might come up from time to time. If two people in a relationship are skilled at disseminating each other’s anger and are supportive in hard times then the emotional bond automatically becomes resilient. The tendency to react and augment volatility ensures deterioration.

Show Affection

Partners in a relationship should show their love towards each other, in ways they like and not what society inclines them to do. Discussing these affairs and understanding their importance leads to an auspicious commitment that opens the land of strong relationships. Tests yourself on these question and you would know what to do.


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