Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pakistan's Educational System


Pakistan's Educational System

If we look around and among ourselves, our friends and our seniors, we all come from very different schools, colleges and universities. Some are privileged enough to study like our fairer skinned brothers living across the seas. They have the access to everything and anything they might feel like doing while studying in that particular institution. We have indeed created a youth living deep in the now proud act of discrimination.

Because on the other hand you have schools where they have never even seen a chair let alone an Iphone!

The UNs biggest and the most fruitful venture declares that primary education should always be equivalent to everyone ! No matter if you are a son of a politician or a clobber, you will get the same level of education. You will get to sit next to each other. And when I say each other i am referring to big social gap among us today. In some societies we are judged by the names of our clothes and in some by harsh living standards.

We have divided our youth in such a way that the socially acceptable do not even feel the need to look at those who are not, let alone care for them. And the people who are branded socially unacceptable because of their beliefs and traditional culture values blame that everything wrong and corrupt is the doing of the rich and powerful.

In Pakistan, at 54%, the literacy rate is well below par. Moreover, if a person can write his name, he is classified as a literate. The drop out rates in public schools are at all time high due to rising costs of living for an ordinary man. Governments have always emphasized on surface level, the importance of education. But never has a proper implementation taken place. Even now, when the country is standing on thin pillars, only a petite proportion i.e. 2% of the GDP is allocated to education.

We should have a fair and unbiased educational system which provides balance and equality for every fellow pakistani student. Then this hatred of the two societies would end and people will again start to care and respect like our old culture.

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  1. Good article. Gotta improve the educational system

  2. It is pretty evident that in current economic circumstances, education is the only way forward

  3. The country's infrastructure is in shambles.

  4. however,the educational system in pakistan. we love pakistan.we will make pakistan one of the progress country in this world because we are the future of pakkistan

    1. Certainly! All we need is a corruption free education system. The government needs to understand that today's successful nations are built on the foundations of education rather than subsidised economic/financial infrastructure. Pakistan has one of the most determined and hardworking labor force. It needs to be trained to strive for a better future.

  5. Different country have different type of education system. I think education is easiest way to prove our skill and get more knowledge. You have done nice work about educational system.

  6. Pakistan's literacy rate is low, but these guys have tons of experience with them. They can get themselves a degree based on their experiences which would eventually improve the literacy rate.

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