Thursday, 29 November 2012

Everything is Possible


"Everything is Possible"?

After witnessing turmoil instigated by subtle gestures, one would conclude everything is possible. The concept of start and end has been instilled in the human mind for ages. It is now difficult to imagine a situation or happening without a beginning and finish point. Regardless of what constitutes our life, language limits our imagination to worldly characters and ideas.
Is everything possible?

What aspects should be discussed?

            This idea “Everything is possible” is quite old but at the same click novel. It is just who is exposed to it and who is not. For example, if you talk about this concept to an intellectual person, it may seem to be something coming down for ages. But if the same notion is brought to an illiterate person, the consequences would differ drastically. I am not going to tease you with the old, conventional examples by every other individual and which could be easily refuted. These actions only play their role due to lack of education. This time the idea is going to be applied in every phase and every aspect of world.

Everything is possible and the concept of GOD

            I was having a discussion on this topic with my friends a couple of weeks ago. The idea was to be discussed in every dimension i.e. from psychology to physiology to philosophy. One question lead the whole discussion, “If everything is possible, then is it possible that the God may not exist and it is also possible He may exist”. It is very easy to put forth an argument but extremely difficult to apply it to your own self. This statement started to question every one’s beliefs. The religious as well as non religious people could get offended. The thought of it made every one act like fools. Two statements that cross question this question were “If everything is possible then it is also possible that everything is not possible” and “For any impossible thing to happen it must be possible”. The examples continued but on the basis of these three statements. Like if everything is possible then it is quite possible that we are just an imagination or an illusion of an entity sitting somewhere else in the world. The questions were so vast and manipulative in their own sense that they lead to unconventional dimensions of thoughts.

Bounded Rationality

            We had to find a common point. It was created by bounded rationality. As humans we should accept that it is beyond our reach to entail everything. As the human mind is capable of absorbing immense quantities of information, the hard drive of this system is not infinite. Once this was cleared, we started to understand the concept of limitation. We limited the application of concept to certain things and phenomena. Because if there was no limit to it, just the thought of this idea cause chaos in eco system. All the beliefs were set a part relating to personal self.

The Last question pertaining “Everything is Possible”

           We were about to get up and go back home when one of friends asked another question. He said, “If everything is possible, is it possible to go back in time or visit our future?” Now the question was not out of the box because the rule of limitation could not be applied here. We were so held back by even the sense of very scheme, that every one experienced silence for some time. From there initiated another question, “Is time only associated with this world or it rules everywhere?” The answer to this question would prove decisive in finding a solution to previous statement. Guess what, two of were in favor of time being a constant entity while on the other two were commencing on it is an ongoing process.
            After a while, I felt a tinge on my shoulder and woke up by the sound of fresh laughter that gagged the realm of my dreams. As an orthodox behavior, I should have hanged those who played a role in deteriorating my only secluded imagination. When I started to compile all evaded sources of these remarkable measures; only one strikes in the set path of sleep. To understand this massacre of long lasting night and day journey, you must entitle yourself as an audience of seldom zone. When you start to hear the sound of clock, kindly open your seat belts and scuttle in lilting mode to set the precedence for the antecedents of your own life. These were the words I could hear from my brain. It was a remarkable experience. It found a solution to the answer of my dream character i.e. “Anything and everything is possible only if one considers it to be” It is our marvelous mind that presents the upcoming illusions in a way that make us believe we were right.

Everything is possible
Everything is denied
You do not exist
You are justified


  1. One cannot simply deny the fact that " every thing is possible"!!

  2. i guess, that when we set ourselves to ask questions like if everything is possible, than we are illusion and many other such sorts of thoughts. But when we start thinking, then there is no limit to it because every thought gives extension to another thought. Like if therre is God, then who made him, and who made him who made God. in terms of philosophy, we term it as Infinite Regress. so we have to hold on to one common philosophy always. And the concept of God as far as i think is just limited to one's own self. As every person is a universe bounded in itself, and we can never penetrate into any other being to see what is going on in their world.
    As far as time and going back in time is concerned, i guess it can be made possible. Science is doing efforts on it. read stephen hawkings for that. :D

  3. Wtf is this? It's true though.

  4. I feel like you stepped aside at the most crucial moment of the article, something that has been understated or muted out. True?

  5. You are right about it but not all the things could be defined within boundaries; for that reason I tried to voice it out with the help of last four lines. Even you could have stated your comment in elaborate way but you chose the obscure path or it happened unintentionally.

  6. trying too hard

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