Thursday, 29 November 2012

21st Century


Start of Universe:

From the start of universe to 21st Century, no one has ever been able to completely understand the concepts that alter our surroundings. Time has always been constant, so how come the people and their attitudes change. The magnificent change in living standards and cultural trends may seem to play an important role but which variables cause transformation in these conventions and living styles. Is it language, technology, or any other multidimensional aspect of earth? To analyse this, the concept "Everything is Possible" should be taken into consideration.

Myth of time

I have been throughout the ages,
Saw no one there,
It’s like man’s no land,
But some pictures of their hair,
When I used to go beyond the stone,
I found the wall,
It stayed there; lied there,
Walked through the door,
But I knew I was exposed,
And the choices that I made,
They were flying on the road,
With their faces towards the shore,
A consented dissent it may be,
I do not know

Myth of time

In all the happenings, myth of time was thought to initiate in triggered fame of cold winters. In an hour of bliss, its mind set off to do something, yet the distance between the mind and soul began to organize another uplift of sea. Why subjugate a civilization when you could effortlessly incorporate your nature in theirs. Now life is a tricky part but not for an evil mocker. People are always there to brag, but he never listened to any of ever existing entities of helpless rhyme. He used to hunt anecdotes keeping minimal distance from fragile authorities. He started to build an empire with towers of trust when people’s lives had turned into calamities.
While some people get astonished by the acts of parental disobedience, other dither in ways of civil obedience. 
“Perform those actions that persist to be so. A man is no good without his duck”.

Learn an Art

One must not learn an art to be an artist but give art a chance to learn you. Think not what society inclines you too think, rather stray from the path of virtue to live in the world of nature. Configure your actions. As one day, the same deed may conquer your soul. Alas! You have decided to perish those who do not seem to prosper and challenge those who strangle your path of amazement. Vanquish in a tread that crawls down into the manifestation of human imagination. Only then you may find immortality. Because invisible people never exist. And what does not exist inculcates itself into history. This indeed becomes a myth, exploited by the upper class to maintain their status. And it is the myth (myth of time) which proved to be the true variable causing transformations in societies throughout the world.


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