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"Explore Pakistan" - A look at the Unseen


Explore Pakistan

Without any doubt Pakistan has stored so much beauty in it, we Pakistanis still go outside this country in search of Scenic beauty. We need to build the infrastructure all over again to promote these place and let people know that there is no need to spend so much money and going to other countries. Let me tell you, there hundreds of tourist destinations in Pakistan that have a celestial touch. The Northern Pakistan is ‘Heaven on Earth’, although this expression is often used by every other country nowadays, but it is actually true in case of Pakistan. We need to explore these places, add value to them, improve their infrastructure and make the people aware of all these locations through increased promotional activities.
There is a bundle of places which need to seen as Perfect Tourist Places and to be considered by our own public when searching for Scenic Beauty or recreational activities.

Rama- Astore

Rama valley is heavenly place located above Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.The valley is about 3300 meters (10800 feet) above sea level and thus is snow covered for 7-8 months of the year. In summer, it becomes lush green; conditions favored by local shepherds. From here one can trek to east side of the world's 8th highest mountain,‘Nanga Parbat’, also known as the Killer Mountain. The route to Rama is very dangerous especially for the people who do not have habit of travelling in these hilly places. But when you reach the actual place, you are actually mesmerized by its beauty. Then there is a Rama Lake located at a little distance from the valley. There you can relax, a very less populated place with very few tourists, there you can relax by indulging yourself in beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Rama astore is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan to visit.

Naltar Lake- Gilgit

Naltar is a valley near Gilgit and Hunza in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Naltar is 40 km (25 mi) from Gilgit and can be reached by jeeps. It has a PAF base. It has a naturally developed skiing track, Ski competition is held every year there with the help of PAF, people from all over the world come to see and participate in the competition. Naltar Lake is again a beautiful lake having four different shades of green, namely; aqua green, parrot green, dark green and dirty green. It’s a transparent lake which gives you your reflection. It’s a Must Visit place in Pakistan.

Khalti Lake- Gupis

Khalti Lake is located in a district named Gupis in Gilgit-Baltistan, on the way to Shandur from Gilgit. A proper metal road takes you there. It’s a huge and beautiful aqua green/ blue lake with beautiful mountains. You can have the time of your life there having the best food, as Trout is also available there; you can enjoy having a luxury meal there.The eye-catching view is one of  the most magnificent sceneries in Pakistan. 

Pyala Lake – Jalkhad ( Naran)

Pyala Lake is an undeveloped Lake, but it has a lot of significance as it a Bowl shaped lake on the top of the mountain in the district of Jalkhad, on the way to Lulusar Lake from Naran. It needs to be developed so that people can see the beauty which God has created naturally. We get fascinated by the miracles outside our countries; places outside our country amuse us much more and we forget the significance of our very own Pakistan. I personally see Pyala lake as a natural wonder of the world.

With so many tourist places, The government besides all other problems in the country, also need to focus on the tourism side. The sector has a bright future but as it is ignored by most of us, we are hindering our own way to success and make Pakistanis ‘A proud nation’. 

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Sehrish Azhar


  1. The tourism really has to be promoted in Pakistan.

  2. I've been to Roma - Astore. What a magnificent place. When you're there, you really get to know the beauty that is restored in Pakistan.

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  5. A Place to visit for all Pakistani toutists, Tourism is not promoted at all at Government Level,Now a days thanx to University/College communities to arrange tours for students, efforts have to be made at Government level for the permotion and development of most important sector of the Economy.

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