Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pakistan vs. India Live Screening in Lahore


Havana - events catering & a wish cafe presents you an exciting Pakistan vs. India T20 Super 8 clash on a big banner on Sunday, 30th September, 2012 at 7 pm. It's the biggest Pakistan vs. India live screening in Lahore.

Entry Pass: RS 200 ONLY. Coke/Sprite would be served complementary.

Food is compulsory. Following food items would be given on discounted rates of just Rs.300 only:

1. Sesame chicken
2. Roasted chicken sandwich
3. Tex Mex burger

To simmer up the excitement, a DJ and a Dhol wala would be there. Have the chance to watch the live screening of Pakistan vs. India live screening with us at Havana Cafe.

The event would be televised live on Duniya TV, Geo TV, City 42, PTV & other channels.

Location: Havana Cafe, M.M Alam Road, beside Shahnawaz Motor Mercedes Showroom, Lahore.

For booking & queries,

Abdul Raheem: 0323-8464671
Usama Khan: 0333-4284238
Ahmed Nawaz: 0321-8853354

Here is a teaser video shot at Havana Cafe. Courtesy of Geo TV. Enjoy! :)


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