Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Facebook is Great

Of all the wonders that I see, Facebook is my mere choice.  One of the basic human needs after food and sex is socializing with others and Facebook is great platform that provides us the perfect opportunity to manage our social relationships with ease and comfort. It's a platform where you can express your feelings and share your views with the world. It's a virtual place which is the biggest source of entertainment in the world. Social media has become a mean of transparency in today's world.

Facebook is Great

An important question is, why did I feel the need to write this article? Well, there are a lot of people who say that Facebook is stupid, Facebook is evil or Facebook is a waste of time. People are calling such a thing a nuisance, which allows us to communicate throughout the world without boundaries or hindrances. We are revolting against such a thing that provides a platform for young as well as old business men to market themselves globally. Social media marketing has gained rapid popularity and Facebook is the most basic mean to market talent, products or services in today's world. Whether one is a musician, artist, merchant, a non-profit organization or a multi-national corporation, Facebook provides everyone to expand one's business.

In my opinion, calling Facebook a waste of time is a cliche or a sign of rebellious nature of our society. We can not work in a society by just retaliating with anything that tries to break down the old conventions and introduces novelty. We live in a world where logic defines everything. We mock on those who defy the simple logic that our brains present.

Facebook is a miracle that makes every person an extrovert and brings awareness among the society. Libyan people got their freedom from their monarch. A Libyan man started a revolution against his dictator on Facebook, which dis-emanated like fire and provoked the young Libyan men to wage a war against discrimination and monarchy. Facebook came out on top in Facebook vs. Gadafi war and that perhaps highlights the importance of Facebook in today's world affairs.

Moreover, Facebook allows us to communicate with others even when they are not online. It is also the biggest source of sharing media online. Not only that, it also comprises of various applications and games that makes it attractive and a source of entertainment for people. Facebook apps and Facebook games are also a mean of business expansion and direct interaction with consumers. 

I do not understand in this point in time why do people still hold contempt and scorn for the magnificent wonder. And to think of it as nuisance is nothing more than an act of ignorance in an hour of bliss.In the light of preceding/aforementioned argument, it is a fair assessment to say Facebook is great and indeed a wonder of this world which has solved many problems of this world. 

Please  let us know what are your views regarding the topic.
Youth Experia - Voice of Pakistani Youth


  1. A good depiction of facebook, unlike the general idea which people have nowadays.
    The thing I like most is that clears out many misunderstandings which people have by using substantial logic.

  2. Thank you Mr. Moeed Rehman
    Your opinion is highly appreciated

  3. A little one sided argument but still a fair one! Facebook has somewhat elimated the need to spend hundreds of dollars on advertisements for young professionals.

  4. "A Libyan man started a revolution against his dictator on Facebook, which dis-emanated like fire and provoked the young Libyan men to wage a war against discrimination and monarchy."

    Gaddafi became one of the most hated figures in the world! The world is so better without him. and yes Facebook is a tool which can easily motivate and encourage people to raise their voice against discrimination

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