Monday, 8 July 2013

Altaf Hussain London Case: MQM Secretariat closed down


Altaf Hussain London Case

According to the latest news from London, very interesting developments have taken place regarding murder case of Doctor Imran Farooq. More than 30 million pounds worth of real state has been bought in Altaf Hussain and his brother's name.  In addition to that 700,000 pounds in cash have also been confiscated from Altaf Hussain's residence. It should be kept in mind that some days ago, one of Altaf's closest allies, his cousin Iftikhar Hussain was also arrested from the Heathrow Air Port and
1 million pounds, diamonds and jewelry were confiscated from Altaf Hussain by the Police

Money Laundering Accusations:

Moreover, the London Metro Police and the Scotland Yard have found through investigation that a very prominent government Pakistani transfers the amount into MQM chief's account. The London Metro Police is collecting evidence of money laundering against him. Days ago, Scotland Yard and London Metropolitan police raided Altaf Hussain's personal residence and evidence were collected there and then. It happened when  the British Prime Minister made his visit to Pakistan in which he declared that the enemies of Pakistan were the enemies of United Kingdom. The reports say that the Police authorities have now prepared quite a strong case of money laundering against him in London.

MQM Secretariat Shut Down:

The MQM Secretariat in London has been closed down in London. Interestingly, No one is there to even attend the calls. Even the mobile phones of the MQM leaderships are off, and there is no contact with them. It would be interesting to see what is made of Altaf Hussain London case.

Altaf Hussain London Cae


  1. Hang them "MQM" high if you cant manage to hang them send them here in Huntsville, Texas. We take care accordingly.

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  3. Congratulations on the confiscation and the progress of this case. He is one of Pakistan’s corrupt politicians. I hope they find enough evidence to put him behind bars.


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