Sunday, 30 June 2013

British Prime Minister supports Pakistan on Drone Issue


British Prime Minister visits Pakistan

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the British government supports Pakistan's stance on drone attacks and democratic talks between Pakistan and United States of America should take place on the drone issue. He also said that the British government was ready to facilitate talks between America and Pakistan on the issue. 
One important thing to notice is that Altaf Hussain resigned from the party leadership on the occasion when the British Prime Minister was in Pakistan and later took his resignation back. Altaf Hussain's cousin has been detained by the Scotland Yard in London and the British police made several raids on Altaf Hussain's residency.

No More Drone Attacks

Moreover, the British Prime Minister took the opportunity to congratulate Nawaz Sharif on sumptuous victory in the General Elections, 2013. He announced that the enemies of Pakistan are the enemies of Britain, and believes that America and Pakistan should hold talks on drone strikes. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N government has already said that they are against Drone attacks and would succeed in stopping them.

The British Prime Minister visited Pakistan Monument and met youngsters from FATA. He said that associating terrorism with Muslims is wrong, and Muslims around the world are in fact the most affected ones from terrorism.

David Cameron has also assured Pakistan of helping the country beat the energy and economic crisis. Nawaz Sharif approved the new energy policy according to which the power generation capacity would be increased to 26,800 Mega Watts.

It is about time that the American government understands that the drone attacks violate Pakistan's sovereignty and every Pakistani is against them. 
Drone Attacks
Drone Attacks

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  1. The horror of drone attacks affected many in several ways. Nations’ leaders must stand together to address this issue and try to control such technologies.


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