Saturday, 29 June 2013

Prime Minister approves New Energy policy. Load shedding to be reduced to 8 hours


New Energy Policy: Reduction in Load Shedding

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has approved the new energy policy for Pakistan, according to which the load shedding would be reduced to 8 hours a day in the coming week. After paying off 326 billion rupees of circular debt, the government and analysts believe that 1700 Mega Watts of electricity would be immediately added to the current production capacity.
The Prime Minister has also approved the reduction in the price of electricity which would be brought down to Rs. 10 by the end of 3 years. Proposals to completely eradicate the load shedding in the upcoming 3 years have been made a part of the new energy policy. The government would also try to get control over the line losses which currently stand at 26%. The aim is to reduce the line losses to 16% in the initial phase.

The government aims to make the energy mix of the country more hydro powered centered and Nawaz Sharif has already inaugurated 2 hydro power plants. The government would also focus on alternative energy generation sources such as wind and solar energy. The new energy policy is a sign of eradication of energy crisis from Pakistan.

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