Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pet Abuse


Pet Abuse and Animal Cruelty

Belonging to a household, in which pets have always considered to be a part of the family, I, myself have been fond of most animals since a very young age. While other kids my age would refrain from going near a dog, I would never hesitate to play with any pet dog I came across. In my eyes any form of animal cruelty is a crime which includes pet abuse. As humans, prevention of animal cruelty should be an inborn instinct and that's why I've decided to raise this important issue.

However, it greatly disappoints me to see and know that most people do not share such feelings of  sympathy, care, warmth or concern towards animals. These 'animals' may include cats, dogs, horses, donkeys or any animal in the zoo for that matter. There have been innumerable cases of dog cruelty in Western countries and many of Muslim countries. People beat up the poor innocent animals. This fact truly perplexes me and i fail to understand why we have to be so hostile towards these creatures. It disappoints me to see that apart from some of the citizens of my country, most people view these animals only as a means of entertainment. Some even go to the extent of demonstrating their hatred towards these poor animals.

Stop Animal Cruelty

I, as an individual would go to any extent to put a stop to animal cruelty. Even though it may seem to be a trivial matter to most people, it carries great weight in my perspective. I believe that we, being somewhat educated, must put a stop to this or at least try to do what we can, to stop those who indulge in something so heinous. 
I do not expect people to open animal shelters or do anything extravagant of the sort....but PLEASE : the least we can do is stop others around us who harm these harmless beings. It is only fair. Even though one can not be sued for mistreating an animal, one must at least be humane enough to consider the fact that these poor animals can't speak, they do not have minds as gifted as humans and one can only expect them to behave in a certain way. It is not right to take out our frustrations on them.
It is government's responsibility to introduce strict laws that prohibit any kind of animal abuse. It is also our responsibility to root out the shameful act of pet cruelty out of our society. So please, I request you all, the next time you see a person throw stones at a dog, scare a cat, donkeys or horses being whipped mercilessly: Get out of you car and tell them to STOP! The least we can do is educate these people and make them understand that animal cruelty is a crime and even though there might be no written law against animal cruelty, our religion itself condemns the mistreatment of animals. The least they can do is abide by what our religion teaches us and the law of the country, if nothing else!

Pet Abuse is a Sin

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: 'It is a great sin for man to imprison those animals which are in his power'(Muslim)All creatures on earth are sentient beings. "There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings - but they are communities like you.The Quran, 6:38The Holy Prophet (S) forbade the setting up of animals to fight against each other.Abu Dawud and Tirmidh
Take an initiative, let join hands and work towards prevention of animal cruelty. Say NO to Pet Abuse!

Faryal Z. Mehdi - Youth Experia (Voice of Pakistani Youth)


  1. its important that we care for Allah's creations.

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