Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Ecstasies of Modernization.

The fascination which the current day human strives for are somewhat the consequences of modern day buck for being up to date. History has always been so kind to teach of disparity which follows after undeniable action to suit and nourish deceptive ideas.
Here we are to emphasis on describing how the youth is getting away from doing study based work themselves and being more reliable on modern gadgets and services, tricking the education system and deceiving themselves. Though with the advancement in technology, world is being a more better place to live but the negative impact of these strategies on youth cannot be denied as far as the mind exploring strategic study curriculum nowadays is concerned. Today youth has gotten so much in the tangles of modern gadgets that logging into a circle of mind and physical skills is left somewhere far behind. These modern gadgets, though the usefulness of them cannot be challenged, has made the existence of self made ideas and innovative models impossible.
One would rather rely on using a time spacing techniques for some work than being on self doing test in the present day. Not only this is cracking the mind but also diverting the necessary use of mind to unnecessary use of hands. There is a huge lot of youth today which uses their skills on internet for coping up with a work than to use their skills on some innovation – one such example of aforesaid practice. Using modern gadgets like iphones, androids, windows phones and services as black berry services which allows the users to use secure links on internet all the day anywhere are making this generation more depended on pre laid material than to compose something new which would open their minds to the world more widely. Having said that it becomes customary to mention that this whole scenario is bounding us to one source that is internet, its making us to get rid of engaging our mind into something creative and useful. Ancient people use to say that things long been not in use vanishes like air someday, this is what seem to happen with the mind one day if the modern era still continues not to focus on the problem.
Technology such as laptops, tablet PCs, micro-computers have made life more easy on one theme line but restriction of youth to widen their minds to world as in to use the minds is making whole abusive use out of it. The thing being sticking to one particular use of a source such as internet would not let youth make use of their skills. The present education system demands mind to mingle up with struggle to strike a target, not the hands to jot down from internet.
The solution to come up with is to make self make strategy possible either by prompting change to education sub system or by banning the retrospective revival of downloads in study based projects.

Abdul Raheem


  1. Very informative post. Modernization have no doubt made lives easier and more productive but still very much negative synergies has also been attached. what ever still it has contributed much to this era in terms of the system and the lifestyle.

  2. Everything has a downside to it! With innovation comes leisure but it also results in complacency and ignorance! Physical abnormalities have also started to emerge in children of all ages! Precautionary measures should be taken!

  3. Interesting notion. The fact that our younger generation has become outwardly dependent upon the internet for its primary need for information and refreshment is a truth undeniable. But, at the same time, the internet has also served to plant in them the much-maligned seed of idleness. Coming from a Government-based university, I cannot help but feel a little empathy for the university-going, assignment-bearing, presentation-giving, social-network-interacting youth of today. For not only do the professors [in some cases, if not most] encourage the act of collecting the best from the plethora of information available out there on a given topic; the students themselves are also all too happy to oblige to the simpleton activity constituting the "copy" and "paste" function keys. The lethargic attitude showed by us during our lecture hours has undoubtedly contributed to our teachers choosing such a mundane scheme for assignment compilation, in the hopes that by the time we have collected the "best from the rest", some vital information relating to the topic would trickle into our gossip-bearing minds.
    I believe the root cause of this particular dodgy affair [dodgy of-course because we don't "learn" anything from copy pasting even though we have "completed" our assignment/presentation] lies much deeper from the surface scratching of indolence and carelessness. We, as children, were never encouraged and enthused by our teachers to think beyond the realms of the course outline [the subject in view being Literature]. We were never advised to study anything than what is penned in the syllabus for a particular subject. This, in essence, has contributed to the emergence of a generation of young people who've limited themselves to the particulars placed in-front of them rather than stepping over the conventional and describing, enumerating, presenting and depicting their own out-take on different subjects, especially those with a strong literature theme.

  4. true that! technology has not only hurt our self developing skills but also has made us vulnerable to think and innovate .. your thoughts depict the change we want and make something better out of it ..

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