Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gang Rape in India: 23 year old woman dies


Gang Rape in India

A 23 year old woman was gang rapped in India. She was being treated in Singapore hospital but lost her last breath when the agony stretched beyond the edge. The doctor said that she tried very hard to fight against the pain she was suffering but the trauma exceeded the limit. At the time of her death, her whole family was there. Authorities have not released the information regarding the victim but it has been told that the woman’s family is Hindu and they belong to New Delhi.
Women and her companion were abused and robbed on bus December 16. Robbers stole all their belongings and dumped them at a road side. Police has arrested six suspects including the bus driver and a minor. The male companion was quickly discharged from the hospital as he did not face any severe injuries.
According to the Police, she had recovered from injuries to the level at which she could give a statement to magistrate. But on the next day, doctors did another surgery to remove all the infections on her abdomen.

Youth Movements against Gang Rape in India

Youth of India has started protests all over the country. They are raging in number and call for mandatory actions to ensure that people involved in this incident must be punished. They also stand for a reason that Indian society must provide women with privilege of freedom and equality so that no more women are abused, assaulted, harassed, rapped or wrongly treated on the basis of gender
The death of this young women laments out the helpless situation of the people. This incident greatly affected the image of India throughout the globe. Regardless of the inflating economy, India still pursues the back stabbing, history prevalent, narrow minded dominance over the so called contemporary people of big cities.


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