Sunday, 1 April 2012




Youth is supposed to be the most carefree and fun loving age in a person’s life. But the fact is, during this span, a person goes through several phases, one of which is hypersensitivity and pressure handling. For last many years of this modern age, youth is going excessive academic pressure and de-motivation.
We have mostly seen, especially in under-developed countries, kids and youngsters don’t get enough space to decide their own choice of career. We commonly have a trend of imposing parents will on their kids, in terms of dressing, career and even marriages regardless of what individuals have in their mind, what their aptitude is?
Youth is getting stacked more and more with every new day by our family pressures. We have been imposed with undesirable responsibilities of proving our best for the pride of our parents in front of society. In this race, we are over burdened with our academic pressure.  We don’t even get enough time for ourselves as undesired career building never let us get out of the marked lines.
Parents somehow unknowingly suffocate their children with emotional blackmailing, reminding them time and again about their exams, best grades, top line professionals expectations etc. these types of emotional pressures basically poison their children with hypertension , nervous system issue etc. not only this, today’s tragedy is that youth generation is going towards suicide quite fast. According to annual studies, suicide rate is rapidly increasing in youth. Coordinator of Los Angeles Public Schools, Mr.Richard Liebermen also quoted, “there’s a lot of pressure in and around middle school kids.” According to him, it may be the biggest cause in the increase of suicide rate every year.
In the end of this discussion I just want to add that having expectations with the kids and dreaming for their success , prosperity and fame is the right of parents but the way of imposing their wishes on their kids is required to be amended.
Firstly, parents should understand that today’s youth believes in thinking and planning out of the box. They believe in their abilities and so is their unsaid demand from  their parents. DR. Keil Lubell of Atlanta led a study and said, “ Parents and other caring adults should look after the changes in youth such as talking about taking one’s life, feeling sad or hopeless about the future. ‘’ this will help in their personality building and career development in a positive manner.
Today’s youth develops future nation and thus resulting into successful country.



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