Friday, 18 October 2013

Natural Ways to get rid of Insomnia: Best Home Remedies and Treatments

A lot of people who suffer from sleeping disorders want to know the natural ways to treat Insomnia. Medication maybe avoided if therapies and exercises can help with the sleeping disorders.

Best Natural ways to get rid of Insomnia: Home remedies and Treatments

Home remedies and ways to get rid of Insomnia
How to get rid of Insomnia Disorder
Doctors agree that behavioral therapies should be the first-line treatment for insomnia. For children in particular, medications should rarely be used as initial treatment and way to get rid of Insomnia.
Many doctors have recommended sleep hygiene tips and habits that can help in improving sleep and getting rid of insomnia. These home remedies for insomnia can make a person easily get rid of sleeping disorders at home.Some of these techniques are:
· Establish a regular time for going to bed and getting up in the morning. Stick to this schedule even on weekends and during vacations.
· Avoid naps, especially in the evening.
· Exercise before dinner. A low point in energy occurs a few hours after exercise; sleep will then come more easily. Exercising close to bedtime, however, may increase alertness.
· Take a hot bath about 1.5 - 2 hours before bedtime. This alters the body's core temperature rhythm and helps people fall asleep more easily and more continuously. (Taking a bath shortly before bed increases alertness.)
· Do something relaxing in the 30 minutes before bedtime. Reading, meditation, and a leisurely walk are all appropriate activities.
· Keep the bedroom relatively cool and well ventilated.
· Do not look at the clock. Obsessing over time will just make it more difficult to sleep.
· Eat light meals, and schedule dinner 4 - 5 hours before bedtime. A light snack before bedtime can help sleep, but a large meal may have the opposite effect.
· Avoid caffeine in the hours before sleep.
· If a specific worry is keeping one awake, thinking of the problem in terms of images rather than in words may allow a person to fall asleep more quickly and to wake up with less anxiety.

These natural ways should help you get rid of Insomnia and sleeping disorders. To know more about Insomnia and other sleeping disorders, read Insomnia Disorder: Types, Causes, Effects, Natural treatments and Therapies


  1. Insomnia if suspected should be treated at once. This illness is never a joke. This could lead to more serious diseases just as heart disease and could also cause chronic fatigue. Thanks for sharing all these pieces of important information. I still believe that prevention is better that cure.


  2. what if the problem still remain the same. though you have summed up good points but is it fall in depression?


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