Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shahbaz Sharif: People have given us a great mandate, development would continue from where it was left off


Shahbaz Sharif says, "We would promote simplicity and austerity"

Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister Punjab
Shhbaz Sharif: The nation has given us a huge mendate

Shahbaz Sharif says People have given them a great mandate and the development would continue from where it was left off. The people of Punjab unanimously chose PML N to lead the nation forward. There would only be work, work, and work in the upcoming 5 years, and the government would do everything to give relief to the nation.

He further said that no government can solve all the crises alone and they have to put national interest before everything else to steer the nation out of current crisis. Moreover, they would encourage austerity and simplicity in the province.

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