Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nawaz Sharif: I won't indulge in corruption nor would I let anyone


Nawaz Sharif says No to Corruption

Nawaz Sharif says he won't be involved in corruption nor would he let any one from his cabinet or party do it. The message is clear from the PML N chief, and there would be a no tolerance policy on the issue.

He further said that thier intentions were honest and the clear majority in the parliament is an evidence of it. The PML N government would do its duties and they would not be involved in revenge-seeking governance. However, he clarified that those who looted in the previous tenure would have to pay for their sins and wrongdoings.

Nawaz Sharif: Corruption would not be tolerated
Corruption would not be Tolerated
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  1. We believe in Mian Sahib!

  2. panama leaks list big scandals of politicians, judges, celebrities and media persons


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