Thursday, 20 June 2013

Realities of Education Budget in KPK


Education Budget in KPK is below expectations

Education budget in KPK has been lauded as revolutionary by PTI leadership and the media. Their claim of increasing the education budget from 6 billion rupees to 66 billion rupees is nonfactual and wrong. The realities of the education budget in KPK are different.
education budget in kpk
education budget in kpk
After analyzing the KPK budget document, it's evident that the 66 billion includes salary expenses of the teachers and all the concerned people. The salary expenses mount to 60 billion and only 6 billion rupees have been allocated for development. The previous ANP government had allocated 60 billion rupees to education if we include salary expenses, out of which 56 billion were reserved for paying the salaries.
The allocation of finances for development of education is 13 billion rupees under the Annual Development Program. The previous government had allocated Rs. 12 billion for education development in that respect. An increment of 1 billion does not by any means justify the education emergency claim.

Realities of Education budget in KPK

Moreover, no new maga project has been initiated under the new KPK government and only previous projects have been continued. Rs. 2 billion rupees have been allocated for the improvement of existing education infra-structure. However, this is not a new a step as previous governments have also focused on improvement of existing infra-structure.


  1. Haha: with salaries it reaches 102.4 billion which 30% of total budget. Pubjab's is 24% including salaries

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