Monday, 2 April 2012


Every person in the world considers youth as the best age. It is the period between childhood and adult age. All those experience youth carries the best memories of its entire life with them. Youth is an excellent age. Whenever we fail during our youth, there is always a hope of trying again and overcoming the failures experienced by us. Mary Qurant says “Being youth is greatly over estimated…any failure seems total. Later on, you realize that you can have another go.
“Hope never fades and success lies before us every time during our youth.”
We often hear from our elders that the youth is the best age in our lives. That’s right because these years of life the rest of our live depends. According to Robert Southey, “Live as long as you may, the first twenty years is the longest half of our life.” The memories that we carry during this age are ever lasting and a person remembers them ever during his last years of life.
Youth is a beautiful age. Our job is to develop good habits right from our youth so that they help us in being successful in our lives. Because if we do not use it, we will never succeed.
So, we should use this age before it passes by, and be sure, it won’t even wave passing by.

Zunaira Manzoor

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