Monday, 2 April 2012


Pakistan has one of the oldest and unique cultures inherited from the Indian sub- continent and Indus valley civilization which was established 5000 years ago. Also called the Indus Valley or Harappan civilization, Indus was the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent. The emphasis on the Islamic religion has brought about a strong romantic identification with Islamic culture in Pakistan.
Literature is one of the most famous art especially poetry and the credit for the fame of poetry goes to artists like allama iqbal and faiz ahmed faiz. These and few other artists used their art to promote Pakistan’s independence in 1947 as their work provided great motivation for muslim’s and stressed upon the need of a separate country for muslim’s because of cultural and religious differences although the nation’s government was still undecided. In the midst of this tense political uncertainty, writers questioned and critiqued Pakistan’s founding in stories and poems. Poetry is a highly respected art and profession in Pakistan due to sub-continents long affiliation with the Persian Empire.
In that era music, dance and theatre received less attention than poetry and literature but paintings and sculptures were making considerable progress as the way of expression by artists .After the independence Pakistani artists adopted modernism and change was on its way as Pakistan got more and more educated the progress was slow due to the stereotypical thinking but Pakistan got enriched and more educated with time as it got it economic freedom and a country to practice their own culture.
The 1960s brought a strong American cultural impact on Pakistani urban centers. Films and publications were shown, and media was used to promote to promote many things. Through art historians and visiting exhibitions, Pakistani artists received exposure to abstract style. Those educated in the English medium schools readily adopted western styles, valuing forward progress.
Pakistan is a country rich and diverse in all forms of art and culture. The country is home to numerous art galleries, museums, performing arts theaters, drama and dance studios, and film events. Although Lahore is depicted as the cultural capital, all major centers and many rural areas have cultural events and festivals throughout the year.
In this era Pakistan faces the biggest challenge of terrorism but arts and culture one of Pakistan’s biggest asset can be the remedy for this situation because culture in all aspect arts, religion, sports, education and especially youth can mould and prevent terrorist mentality and extremism.



  1. Reading this article refreshed my knowledge about Pakistan's culture and heritage. Excellent work Anas!

  2. yes i agree with the writer Pakistanis culture is definitely one of its biggest asset ,rich and diverse can also help dealing with terrorism

  3. Very informative!
    I think the youth should take any possible steps it can to revive the culture and heritage that our country once possessed and is slowly losing out on!

  4. An enlightening article. It's true that Pakistan is a country with diverse forms of culture, social or artistic.

  5. Good One.

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