Monday, 2 April 2012



 Martin Luther King said, "I have a Dream" and the dream came largely true. The problem with our society has always been that we never had any vision or for this matter even time to dream. Many imperialists all over the world eye Pakistani youth as one of the most intellectual manpower.

Times have started to change for the young generation of Pakistan. However, recently we have come across a paradigm shift in the like they call ‘josh’ and ‘jazba’ of our Youth. The fervor has been relit.
Lately, not many are seen sitting at home and staring at the television set for straight 10 hours. They have started to realize a great conscientiousness that had to be looked upon a longer while ago. They are now conscious of the fact that their country’s potential and their own future depends on them majorly.

They know that they are the back bone to the nation and that they can change the future of the society with their well being and valor. They are finally looking at which they have not been willing to look at in decades when this country fell to pieces.

On an individual as well as widespread scale they have started to show their presence of mind and actions in various aspects of the community. Youth activism has become an important and essential part and has brought a refreshing change to not only the community of Pakistan but globally as well.
From political support to supporting social issues to the business minded young entrepreneurs or to simply spreading awareness on a particular issue that maybe affecting the individual on a personal level or affecting the country as a whole. The youth of today in Pakistan has the knowledge to have an opinion and the creativity and confidence to convey their opinion to the masses. The youth is not only engaged in striving for their personal interests, but have started to realize the responsibility of strengthening and developing the country relies on their shoulders.
Every individual, in some way or the other is playing his or her part in developing the country at different levels.

The best examples could be the increased percentage, interest and enthusiasm of youngsters in political matters in the recent few months. Their strapping presence at political rallies has shown how serious and gritty the Pakistani youth is in selecting a leader for their country, someone they can look forward to.  Pakistani youth has a say, a say that gives their opinion a strong base and structure. This is the reason why political parties have aimed the youth at a larger level as they pretty well know what the level of importance the youth of Pakistan holds for the country. The future of the country relies majorly within the hands of the youth.
Even the recent making of the biggest painting for World record’s that took place in Lahore shows us how fervent and avid our youth happens to be.

Health and social issue programs have taken place more widely and with a lot of effort put into the, so that not only the words gets around but people start to act on it. Such events and programs have led a large number of students and young workers to work for and support these issues.

Unfortunately though, still today we find some youth which happen to be in a phase of denial. They still happen to be more interested in things and places which are not really useful for them. They prefer to spend their days doing drugs, playing video games because it’s their belief to ‘live in the moment’. I being a young guy myself, 21, who also loves to do all this, couldn’t agree more with spending every moment like it’s our last. I’ve always believed in living eternity in one moment. But we do need to realize that with the way things are going, these moments won’t ever return. More and more young men are sitting at home in front of their televisions playing games all day instead of bettering themselves or going to work. Excuse is, Job markets down, Electricity’s out, Global warming whatever excuse they can find. The question is, what are they doing about it? They have no vision and if they do have dreams they do not have the drive to make any attempt at achieving them. Let’s just pray they don’t keep their eyes closed for too long because what they are going to lose, God forbid, is just about the most precious thing they’ve ever had whether they realize it or not.
“That's where the future lies, in the youth of today.”
Willie Stargell

                                                                       Talha Khalid
                                                                         Section F
                                                                       ID: 10u0114


  1. hope for the best !! cheers :)

  2. Best of luck talhaaaa =D

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