Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Experience At A Village wedding

The account of my witness to a village wedding dates back a month.I have personally experienced that how Pakistani culture and traditions have a huge impact of Indian culture. I along with my family undertook the journey all the way from Lahore to JamaldinWali, a village at around 45 minutes’ drive south of Rahimyar Khan. JamaldinWali being a beautiful place having beautiful people is situated in the largest sugar production belt of Pakistan. The area is surrounded by lush green crops and farms that stay vegetated throughout the year. Most of the people living in the village are either directly or indirectly associated with the sugar production mills, which makes sugar production the major source of income for a large crunch of people living in this area.
I along with my family reached the wedding house on the evening of Mehndi. Navigating our way through the small dark streets, we reached the house of my cousin who was to get married the next day. The house was magnificently lit up and the constant beat of drums and music at night could easily be heard miles away in the quiet and peacefulness of the village.
The bride throughout the week covered her face with a veil and no one was allowed to see her face, the ceremony is said to bring beauty and freshness on the brides face. The best part of Mehndi was that all the music and all the songs were sung and played live, there were no early recorded or movie songs played, infact there was no music system present at all, all the musical instruments were played live as well. All men, women, young and old equally participated in this beautiful and colorful event where the all danced round and round in circles and did Ludi in an exquisite manner. The event of Mehndi continued till 1 o’clock at night and in spite of all the travelling and a disturbed routine we enjoyed so much that none of us was tired or exhauste. Though the village folk live a simple life but at occasions like these they know how to celebrate and live the moment to the fullest.
Eventually the time we all had been waiting for arrived, when all the formalities of Nikah were completed and the Barat arrived. The venue was full of bright colorful people laughing and chanting. Throughout the wedding there were numerous traditional ceremonies which I failed to understand, but still I enjoyed every part of it because there was a sense of happiness on everyone’s face.
Best part of the wedding came after Rukhsati, as the wedding was taking place amongst next door neighbors, so we got to be the part of the bridegroom’s wedding party “Barat” when the bride reached her new abode.
Throughout the wedding the beat of drums along with chanting of ladies and Ludi continued like a ritual. This was my only and experience of a village wedding and is one of the most memorable event of my life. My people were very humble and hospitable.

Mobina Zahid

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