Tuesday, 3 April 2012

High fee structure of Private Schools in Lahore


Variation in the school fee and in standards of education in Pakistan force the poor people to choose whether to send their children to government school, private school or no school.
Even the poorest families send their children to private schools extensively because the standard of education in public or government schools is very low. In spite of the fact that the fee charged by the government schools is not that expensive but the education given in these institutes is like that there is no education as it is proved by our surveys with the public & private schools and through questionnaire and interviews.
The amount of students which go to private schools is greater than the public school students. People thinks that the quality of education in public schools of Lahore is not up to the standard and most of them think that 5 out of 10 students enrolled in government schools hardly complete their education up to matric standard. Owing to the poor education standard in public schools of Lahore people are now preferring private schools over public schools.

The quality of education in private schools of Lahore however is better than the public schools. Private schools have more professional and capable teaching staff. But, most of the people think that the fee charged by the private institutions is not fair and not in accordance with their incomes at large. Moreover most of them think, if they were to start a business then they would surely consider a private school as a good and safe investment.
On the other hand private school ownership completely understands that the parents do understand the difference of quality education and the poor education being provided in the private schools and the public schools relatively. Moreover, they claim that to provide the quality education, a good environment has to be provided to them is a must type of thing for which they have to make some big expenses towards infra-structure of the school, complete facilities in the school like air conditioner, complete furniture etc. Above all, they have to engage some outstanding highly qualified teaching staff to provide the quality education to the students.
Having seen the point of view of these kind of school’s administration on the topic and having seen their fee structure I am of the view that ok they provide better facilities of education than public schools but beside their heavy tuition fee they also charge some extra unnecessary charges towards various heads to increase their profit further which is according to me is unfair.



  1. There should be some regulatory body for regulating the fees of private schools as education is not a business its a mission.

  2. Agreed with you, private schools are giving quality education instead of govt schools.

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