Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Do you think that all drugs are medicines? There are two classifications of drugs; prohibited and legal drugs. The legal drugs are medicines that are prescribed by the doctor and over the counter medicines. The prohibited drugs are medicines that you cannot buy without the prescription of the doctor.

Now days, many people were addicted to the prohibited drugs. Some of them were influenced by their friends or people mingle around them. Youth is one of the people that get addicted to prohibited drugs. Because some of them have problems with their family. They use it to forget the shame and cover the pain they felt. Youth were curious of the things around them, like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. But all of them won’t help people especially youth. The youth must have knowledge about the prohibited drugs. It can affect their studies and personal life. It can also affect the person mentally and emotionally. Using drugs can make a person use the wrong path.

The Youth can contribute for the progress of our country. So help them to prevent on using prohibited drugs.



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