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Sunday, 1 April 2012


Written by: ZAINAB SHAHID 
My gaze veered towards the couple engaged in a blatant display of lewdness. The youth reached towards the decanter of the finest wine whilst snaking his arm around the small of her back. The girl expelled a puff of smoke-both of them relishing the temporary oblivion they were seeking to pursue. Vehemently. This is the youth of Pakistan-The Land of the Pure. We need to hold ourselves and those before us responsible for the tumultuous condition of this country where there is a dearth of food, clean water, electricity and whatnot? You name it and we "don't" have it. Our despot politicians have resorted to Machiavellian tactics in order to assuage their insatiable greed for power and money and we do or say nothing and act like spectators to a very intriguing Broadway show. Is it because the life of those close to us has been spared? Until now, that is. Is this the reason why we have adopted a blasé attitude towards the incessant killing of innocent civilians in Karachi? What about the innumerable orphans and the widows, who cry tears of blood every day. We prefer to stay mum on the issue of the drone attacks which is an everyday occurrence in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Innocent denizens who have not committed a single act of terrorism in their lives are being brutally divested of their right to live. To breathe. To survive. It is easy to stigmatize Muslims as terrorists but what about Anders Behring Breivik who ruthlessly opened fire on adolescents? What about Raymond Davis' unscrupulous act of killing Pakistani's in cold-blood? What have we done to our beloved country? This is not the Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam had strived hard for.It is high time that the lush valleys of Pakistan reverberate with the jubilant shouts of young children rather than bomb blasts. We need to take a stand against corruption- a malicious disease which has seeped in to our roots. It is imperative that the rights of women be restored. Their position in this society respected and they be treated with the honor bestowed upon them by Islam. Imbibing of alcohol and intake of drugs should be frowned upon rather than being embraced with open arms. We as a youth are obsessed with the gaudy ways of the West. Most of us openly ridicule those who are not proficient in English which is not even our mother-tongue. We are so deeply complexed that we refuse to recognize our own beautiful language and give druthers to English over it. H Jackson brown Jr. said:"Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means that they know another language.” We are the future of Pakistan and it's fate is in our hands. Let’s make a solemn vow to not bow and scrape but to speak up for what we believe in. To let go of our hedonistic ways and do something for our nation. It's time for a change. It’s time for us to realize the importance of voting. To choose a leader who has morals, scruples, and first and foremost, a conscience. The 14th of August is fast approaching. Let’s repeat history once again and not be the oppressed one's anymore. Pakistan Zindabad! 
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