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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bengal Tigers - Winner of our Hearts 2012 - Hijab Tariq

This Post is to appreciate Bangladesh Cricket team performance in the finals with Pakistan, Asia cup 2012. Although Pakistan won and I myself being a Pakistani for the first time in my cricket watching period never wished so bad for another team to win.

Pakistani cricket fans will kill me for this but what a splendid performance by Bangladesh. They have improved like anything during this tournament. They did not only kicked India out of the finals by beating Siri Lanka but they also gave Pakistan tough time during the finals.
 I won’t go into details because I am sure if u had watched the cricket match you would have known that Pakistan lost its toss and Bangladesh chose to ball.  Bangladesh team was so organized during their bowling action that when Pakistani players started to get out one by one it was a tremendous sight to see.
 Bangladesh has won my heart. I am a Pakistani but if Bangladesh had won the match, it would have been a win of Cricket.  Cricket is all about Hard work, commitment and passion. What an awesome game it was. Bangladesh had to chase a score of 237 within 50 overs. The had chased a larger score when they were playing against India so I knew it wouldn’t be that hard for them.

Pakistani team as usual had miserable fielding on the field. I have no idea when this team will actually learn to play cricket. No sane team can ever play a final match like this.

Anyway, I hear fireworks outside my home now.  Everyone is celebrating Pakistan’s win but  Bangladesh you have won hearts of many. I believe you people are an inspiration to all cricket teams. What a great match. Nail biting till the last ball.

I am reading a lot of statuses on Facebook right now and people here in Pakistan believe that today for the first time we don’t feel that happy on Pakistan’s win because we know our team was pretty bad and this win was only for Bangladesh.

Hope Bangladesh team  continues to play like this and makes their country proud. They are a lot of trophies waiting for you. This Asia cup is nothing.
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