Thursday, 13 June 2013

The secret trick to reduce railway losses


Javed Chaudhry suggestion to Khawaja Saad Rafique

A lot of people raise questions that why Railways face so many losses. No matter which government takes control, the institution has faced deficits.
However, senior anchor and journalist Javed Chaudhry has come up with a solution that would take Railways out of the deficits. Read what the secret trick to reduce railway losses is.
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javed chaudhry suggests railways solution
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  1. There are tips over here which can help our railway, we have to do some research thats it, I have done a HARVARD distance learning management course in aviation i wish i could help but what i see in this coloum he didn't did anything extra ordinary but he really wanted to be fair with his job and wanted to do something for the country or we can say he wanted to restore Railway he didn't read any theory or any thing. I think we need research but we dont need to go to india for meetings, we can stand on our feet BUT research and loyalty will work.

    1. How they are coming in government andthey were even sure that they will win. They haven't done any home work any kind of work how they are going to improve situation of all institutions. Do not trust their tears or crying. They are very good actors.

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