Sunday, 9 June 2013

Obama praises Pakistani on Twitter


U.S President Barack praises Pakistani on Twitter

The United States President, Barack Obama praised the efforts and skills of a Pakistani on his official Twitter account. Faizan Buzdar is an IT entrepreneur who is credited for introducing innovation into the cloud based digital collaboration workspace. He is a founder of which enables businesses and their globally distributed teams to work faster.

Obama's tweet praising Pakistan
Obama's tweet praising a Pakistani Faizan Buzdar
Obama administration is working on passing a bill that would ease the immigration process. The president took the opportunity and shared that video with the world in which Faizan told the people what strenuous problems he had to face to set up 

Faizan Buzdar while talking to media said that he is happy that he has made the country (Pakistan) proud. Faizan also said that there is a need of immigration reforms in US and more US visas should be granted.

The news has been taken positively in all the media circles in Pakistan and a lot of Pakistanis have expressed their delight on Obama's appraisal of a Pakistani. Obama's tweet praising a Pakistani got viral on the internet and has made headlines all over the world.

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  1. Faizan is proud to be Pakistani and at the same time wants more visas to be issued by the USA, so either he can leave Pakistan and work for America's benefit. If he settles in the US he is of no benefit to Pakistan or if he becomes dual national then people like the very famous choudry cheat/cheap/chief justice can make a ruling of not recognising dual nationals.

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