Sunday, 9 December 2012

Punjab Assembly Website hacked by Bangladeshi Hacker


Punjab Assembly Official Website Hacked

Bangladeshi hacker defaced Punjab Assembly's official website ( today. Although thousands of websites are hacked daily but it is considered a rare event when a government site is hacked.  The alias used by hacker is HackeD By Cr4ck-Br4iN - RoTating RoTor - Ablaze EVER.

The hacker has left the message on the website to track the identity of the Pakistani cyber terrorist Shadow 008 who has been allegedly involved in hacking some of Bangladeshi websites. Moreover, the hackers have warned that if FIA does not take action against Shadow008, they would continue to deface other government websites.

Bangladeshi hackers hacked the Punjab Assembly official government website on 9th december 2012

Message Left by Bangladeshi Hackers

The original message left on the website reads:

"This Is PayBak To Shadow008 For Hacking Our Bangladeshi Sites! 

root@Cr4ck-Br4iN[~] Dear Site Admin, One pakistani so called hacker, Shadow008 is responsible for this defacement.He hacked some Bangladeshi Websites.That why we did this.If u want to avoid further attack on ur website,file a complain against shadoow008 to FIA.Otherwise we wont stop.

It was proved earlier that,FIA was unable to arrest this cyber criminal.This criminal was responsible for the defacement of Pressurize your law enforcement agency to make this criminal busted and let us live in peace and also let us leave u in peace"

Restoration and Re-hacking of Punjab Assembly website

The website was restored by the website's technical department but moments later another cyber attack, this time from Pakistani hackers defaced the website again. The message was for Bengali hackers not to mess with the Pakistani ones. It has become a playground for the hacking community and the government is playing a role of second fiddle at the moment.

Recently Google Pakistan was hacked which prompted Google to tighten up the security around their servers. Moreover, Pakistani visitors were automatically redirected to before the hacking took place, but since then the redirection has been abandoned by Google which has affected a lot of Pakistani webmasters. Note: If you have ever had your system hacked or such a problem has ever arisen, you can read the guide on how to get rid and solve your problems.



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