Sunday, 1 April 2012

On the Brink of Revolution??


As we have crossed the twentieth century, many people have lost hope in the future. The reason for this loss of hope is that there seems to be no alternative to the capitalist system. Communism and socialism have failed. The idea of fundamental change, the idea of revolution, has been defeated by the reality of it. Without an alternative to the system, fundamental change seems out of the question. We seem doomed to live in the grip of a system which defines human life in terms of profit and loss, competition and inequality. 
Without an alternative to capitalism, the deepest human values and most important human relationships will be forever under attack by the demands of the economy and the dictates of the elite.  
Hope in the future and belief in the possibility of revolution are inextricably linked. Belief in the possibility of revolutionary change is the key to the belief that human beings have the capacity to create a human world. 
Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan feels there needs to be a “revolution” in the country’s cricket to rid it of corruption, favoritism and nepotism. 
Is there really a need for revolution in Pakistan? 


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